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All enterprises experience periods of significant change or even crisis. Whether or not they are ready to take the latest changes in stride, they all face the task of preparing themselves for the business of the future. My job is to support executive managements confronted by change and to work together with them to chart and implement the future courses of their enterprises. I am sometimes also commissioned by banks and other investors to assume responsibility for the future course of enterprises. I combine new approaches with old-school values.

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CEO Holding company, 220 employees, sales of EUR 66 million

In the wake of restructuring measures, I was commissioned to manage the strategic turnaround and to assume responsibility for the entire group’s operations. The success of the new strategy depended in particular on an effective integration of the cultures at the various enterprise locations. The production and assembly planning were reorganised and corresponding standards were introduced to facilitate the process. Acting in the capacity of a personal liaison to the creditors, I assumed responsibility for the implementation of the standards.

CEO and CRO Swiss corporate group, 600 employees, sales of CHF 80 million

The task at hand was to restructure the 600-employee enterprise in 5 different countries and to make it fit for the future. The key to success was a revised sales strategy. At the same time, it was necessary to conduct very complicated negotiations with the German Works Council and to carry out intensive controlling measures to provide accurate data for the parent company. The most rewarding feedback I heard from the employees involved in the project was, “You tell us the truth. And that’s exactly what we need to know!” A simple case of applying old-school values.

Project manager for restructuring Industrial enterprise, 1,000 employees, sales of EUR 400 million

The enterprise’s various production facilities were in need of restructuring and proper reintegration into the group. Two main fields of action quickly emerged as urgent. These included controlling, cost management and the review of certain investment decisions on the one hand, and the creation of a completely new value chain and a common sales organisation with an expanded sales scope on the other. This proved to be a demanding assignment, as it required great sensitivity, particularly when it came to approaching the production units and securing constructive dialogue with employee representatives.

General agent for production sites Traditional enterprise, 400 employees, sales of EUR 80 million

Two production facilities were in need of restructuring. The necessary changes were met with resistance, this in connection with a patriarchal enterprise culture that left employees feeling more duty bound to their boss than business performance and a son determined to introduce changes in the enterprise culture. This proved to be a good opportunity to apply a combination of new approaches and old-school values. After all, what was important here was to unify both styles as a means of retaining operational cohesion – a balancing act where respect and tolerance are the keys to success.

CTO and CRO Hesse-based industrial enterprise, 440 employees, sales of EUR 90 million

A classic emergency for the fire brigade: avert pending bankruptcy, introduce the necessary restructuring measures and take responsibility for human resources management. The focus here was on the technical facilities that were to serve as a powerful engine of the enterprise’s future success. It was also necessary to resume prefabrication operations after a cessation of many years, and against the opinion of many experts. Moreover, despite the limited budget, the investment plan needed to account for the provision of all technical resources.

Martin Steidl

Engineer, Master of Science in Engineering Management
Married, one son

I was never quite able to understand why it shouldn’t be possible to introduce new approaches, overcome obsolete behaviours, and secure the future fitness of enterprises with the simple values of an honourable merchant. What are these values? Well, cost awareness, discretion and foresight, for instance. That is why I took it upon myself to assume responsibility for enterprise leadership for more than 30 years. As an interim manager, I have had the honour of proving the point in more than 25 enterprises, taking charge in various capacities, including CEO, CRO, CTO and Managing Director of Special Projects.

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